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Neighbors sound off yesterday about Observatory in North Park

San Diego Reader

North Park Stories Edition

Thrift trader owner Jeff Clark hit by trolley in Little Italy

by Ken Leighton
Media reports noted that a man was struck by an Amtrak train in Little Italy on June 24, but did not list his name. But his 20 part- and full-time employees soon knew. One of them, Priscilla Garcia, says the incident that put Jeff Clark ... +more

Neighbors sound off yesterday about Observatory in North Park

by Mike Madriaga
"When she [Cameron Holloway] was speaking I was listening to her words and not paying attention to the crowd’s reaction,” said Jeanette Moore, “until that woman became belligerent and disrespectful towards [Holloway] the speaker.” Moore is a second generation North Park resident, and Holloway is ... +more

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

a factory facing a North Park alley

Front to back... awesome

by Matthew Lickona
The professional and personal collaboration that is Wrensilva audio began at a Supersuckers show at the Casbah. Debra Salyer didn’t know the band, and found herself stranded in a mosh pit during a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song.” “There were all these huge guys ... +more

When she starts dancing, I know it’s right

by Matthew Lickona
Today, in its long sliver of a factory facing a North Park alley, Wrensilva audio produces, in the words of co-founder Scott Salyer, “the best console ever built” for playing music. “Nobody’s ever done anything like this before. It’s not just a credenza with some ... +more

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