Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Battling Bare

Our Purpose:
Unite women and children who love a soldier dealing with PTSD by providing comfort in knowing they are not alone, a pathway of speaking out and battling back against the struggles they have faced with their soldier, along with offering support and encouragement so those women will continue walking the path of healing with their soldier.
In the process of empowering and encouraging these women and children, we will raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of PTSD while combating the stigma associated with this condition by increasing understanding of PTSD allowing for veteran suicide rates to decrease as the willingness to seek help and healing increases.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


June 19, 2012
Arizona court dismisses complaint of Phoenix homeowner whose Bible studies failed to meet building code requirements for a church.

Jeremy Weber

A Phoenix homeowner who held weekly Bible studies in his backyard must serve jail time for failing to comply with building, zoning, fire, and safety codes applicable to churches, ruled a federal district court in Arizona last week.

In 2008, the City of Phoenix ordered Michael Salman to comply with code requirements for a church after neighbors complained about his weekly Bible studies, which often drew 50 people to a gazebo in his backyard. Salman refused, claiming the order violated his free exercise rights, and was sentenced to 60 days in jail, fined $12,000, and given three year's probation--during which he could not host more than 12 people in his home, reports Religion Clause.

On Friday, the federal district court dismissed Salman's attempt to halt this judgment because a lower federal court had already heard his complaint and dismissed it for failing to first exhaust legal options at the state level.

This is not the first time home Bible studies have been cited or barred in the recent past.

In 2011, the California city of San Juan Capistrano fined Chuck Fromm, former president of Maranatha! Music and co-founder and editor of Worship Leader magazine, for holding Bible studies in his family home without a permit. Fromm and his wife Stephanie filed a lawsuit but later dropped it after the city agreed to reimburse the couple and re-examine its permit rules for religious meetings in residential areas.

In April 2009, San Diego county officials issued a warning to David and Mary Jones for hosting a weekly Bible study in their home without a permit for religious assembly; the county rescinded the warning in June of that year. In November of that year, Joe Sutherland of Gilbert, Arizona, was given a cease-and-desist order for church meetings in his home because it violated the city’s zoning code. The city council revised the code the following March to allow the meetings.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America


The Beautiful Possibility Tour

Who am I?

I come from a long line of wanderers, people uprooted and left searching for an identity -- 17th century Huguenots and 18th century indentured servants, westbound pioneers and Choctaw Indians. I am all and none of these things: an American amalgam of conflicting cultures set in restless motion 350 years ago. In 2006, I resolved to set out in search of the lost histories that clarify not only who I am, but who we are as Americans. I traveled cross-country for eight months Looking for Lost America, a research project of the Roadside Show & Tell, a trip that laid the foundation for Beautiful Possibility, my current traveling project. This solo journey takes the nomadic experience of itinerant explorers and traders and the traveling culture of Medicine and Wild West Shows as inspiration for engaging others about what it means to be American.
 “Before we find a cure, we must know what ails us.”
My work posits that the root of our ailments as Americans can be found in the identities we left behind. Beautiful Possibility imagines an America unashamed to look at our past and the cultural devastation of a Eurocentric Manifest Destiny, and to imagine the multi-cultural potential that lies within us for creating a more perfect union within ourselves, as a nation and for the world.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Its not because of sin that you won’t be let in
Its because you refuse to be honest.
It won’t be the thefts, murders and stealing
But the refusal of light that is upon us.
Jesus took care of our sin so we might go in,
But we like to lurk in the dark.
We are told to simply come to him
Even though we know we missed the mark.
Condemnation has become our diet
We feast on it in the night
Our sins forgiven we just can’t buy it
We feel that just can’t be right.
We will not come into the light
For fear our sins will been seen
Not knowing it’s alright,
He knows where we’ve been.
Jesus’ death is ours if we learn to see it
Our fear will be gone and the light energizing
We no longer struggle, we just be it
Bringing an end to our philosophizing.
There is now no condemnation for those in the Son
Because we are a container of light.
Out of the shadows the war has been won
We are lamps for Christ to bring others their sight.

Written by Louie

Sunday, June 3, 2012

In and Around North Park

Urban Design/Project Review Subcommittee - Monday, 6/4
Agenda includes Jack-in-the-Box Draft Negative Declaration, Community Plan Update Draft Land Use Map, Louisiana Pharmacy Mixed-Use Project.
"Neighborhood Law School" - 5 Mondays, starting 6/4
The Earl B Gilliam Bar Association will host six free legal workshops, in small business, employment, landlord/tenant, financial literacy, criminal law, and immigration.
Residents Free Tuesday at Balboa Park - Tuesday, 6/5
Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, Centro Cultural de la Raza, Model Railroad Museum, Natural History Museum.
Main Street Design Committee - Tuesday, 6/5
805 Gateway Beautification Project, Caltrans 805 Landscaping Project, Going Green County Grant Update, Tour of Seven Grand.
Public hearing for proposed construction at Balboa Park.
NP Farmers Market - Thursday, 6/7
Meet your neighbors, try a new taste, enjoy live music and shop til you drop.
University Heights Community Association - Thursday, 6/7
Agenda includes Swedenborgian Church Tour, Business Meeting, Discussion about UH's Future. 
Public review/comment period ends Friday, 6/8.
Boulevard Nights - Friday, 6/15
An evening to showcase local artists, filmmakers, a home brewing competition and a good old neighborhood block party.
Old House Fair - Saturday, 6/16
A day-long celebration of old homes and the historic San Diego community of South Park - tours, exhibits, crafts, entertainment and more.
First Bird Park Concert - Saturday, 6/16
Nathan James sings the blues!
Father's Day Botanical Tour in Florida Canyon - Sunday, 6/17
Enjoy the natural flora and fauna of Florida Canyon in Balboa Park with the entire family in two easy walks.

Why Clean Toilets?

1) To Become a Modest Person
No matter how talented you are, if you’re not modest about it then you’ll turn people off. Being modest is the biggest thing that distinguishes us as humans. Of course, the fastest way to make anyone modest is to clean a toilet.

2) To Become Discerning
In life, the difference between winners and losers are people is losers are wasteful and winners are not. To eliminate wastefulness from your life becoming a discerning person is important. If you succeed at becoming a discerning person then you will be able to avoid wastefulness.
Cleaning toilets brings out our discernment in the best way.

3) To Develop Passion in Your Life

Life is passion. Everyone wants to live life in a way that moves people. To do this you must use every fiber of your being to become an active person. We are motivated by people who humbly work their fingers to their bones using their legs, arms, and body no matter what you do. The bathroom is like a dojo to train our bodies in this way.

4) To Develop a Sense of Appreciation
Happy people often don’t take the time to appreciate things. From appreciation you can become happier. Cleaning toilets certainly lets you appreciate the smaller things in life and makes you into a well-rounded person.

5) To Polish Your Heart
You cannot take out your heart and polish it, but you can with the things you present to your eyes. Especially as you clean your toilet, your heart begins to shine with it. If people always see beautiful things then their hearts will become more beautiful.

For more information about Hidesaburo Kagiyama and his works, here are some of the scant English articles available: