Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Its not because of sin that you won’t be let in
Its because you refuse to be honest.
It won’t be the thefts, murders and stealing
But the refusal of light that is upon us.
Jesus took care of our sin so we might go in,
But we like to lurk in the dark.
We are told to simply come to him
Even though we know we missed the mark.
Condemnation has become our diet
We feast on it in the night
Our sins forgiven we just can’t buy it
We feel that just can’t be right.
We will not come into the light
For fear our sins will been seen
Not knowing it’s alright,
He knows where we’ve been.
Jesus’ death is ours if we learn to see it
Our fear will be gone and the light energizing
We no longer struggle, we just be it
Bringing an end to our philosophizing.
There is now no condemnation for those in the Son
Because we are a container of light.
Out of the shadows the war has been won
We are lamps for Christ to bring others their sight.

Written by Louie

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