Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Cathedrals, Two Ideological Blogs

Voice of San Diego “Morning Report” January 10th, 2011

On Saturday, two progressive young thinkers launched Two Cathedrals, a new blog for a left-wing perspective on local San Diego politics (or as they call it, a "fact-devoid, ideological spam blocker.") In case you were curious, the name hails from a memorable "West Wing" episode.

Two Cathedrals joins San Diego Rostra, the right-wing forum, in trying to provide a platform for people to share their points of view from that angle. CityBeat recently called Rostra a "virtual meeting place of sorts" for local conservatives.

More and more, groups are realizing that they can't hope to get their message out via a media that still is losing resources and control over public discourse. Rather than just passing along messages from partisans and activists, we believe professional journalists need to focus on making sense of what these leaders say and finding out the things they don't want to say.

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