Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Man's Man or God's Man?


The Masculine MandateA clear call to a reformation of the family
There is a crying need in the church today for men to be men. But competing visions for what a man is to be--some growing out of popular culture and others arising from flawed teaching in the church--are exacerbating the problem.

Rev. Richard D. Phillips believes the problem and the inadequate solutions being put forward demand sound exegesis of biblical passages relating to masculinity. The Bible alone has the answer to what men are to be in the eyes of their Creator.

In The Masculine Mandate, Rev. Phillips provides this essential exegesis and issues a call to reformation in the evangelical church’s attitude toward the role of men in the family, the church, and society.

"The Masculine Mandate gives an accurate picture of what it means to be God's man. The reader will come away reassured that even though he may possess none of the attributes that the world deems essential for a 'man's man,' nevertheless he can be one of God's man." -- Jerry Bridges (from the Foreword)

Hardback; 190 pages


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