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SonRise Cafe in Tokyo

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SonRise Cafe

Pray for this new ministry initiative, for new and repeat customers at the cafe, for significant conversations to take place, and for this first outreach to expand into a church planting movement!

One day while drinking hot cocoa, a young girl read the Manga Messiah.  At the same time, as she drank her cup of coffee, her mother asked questions where we went to church. While we serve up lattes, Italian sodas and coffee, we are able to meet people from all walks of life – businessmen, housewives, singles, marrieds and the elderly.  We provide Christian reading materials on our shelves as well as handmade craft items for sale.  We are thankful for this kind of scene at SonRise Cafe, a scene we hope to see repeated over and over again!

TMMI Ribbon Cutting
Over 30 million people reside in the greater Tokyo area.  The Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative (TMMI) team hopes to have many projects in many corners of this fascinating city.  SonRise Cafe is our first project and is located in the Nerima/Itabashi Ward on the second floor of a building on the Happy Road shopping street in the town of Oyama.

The cafe is our attempt to be part of our community and, through this venue to meet people of all ages, develop friendships and show them the love of Christ.  Our cafe is committed to His glory and His glory alone!  We look forward to someday seeing a group of believers giving glory to God in worship and praise.  We pray that TMMI will be a church planting movement that will, by God’s blessing, take off and transform the greater Tokyo area for Christ.

Owen and Sarah Ames and Steve and Kelly Baughn make up the Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative (TMMI) team.  You can check out the cafe menu and events at and the TMMI team at

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