Monday, July 9, 2012

McKinley Elementary Makes The News

Feds serve up new school lunch rules
60 percent of California lunches are already missing the old mark

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July 5, 2012
It’s lunchtime at McKinley Elementary School in San Diego, and the kitchen is filled with the aroma of chicken teriyaki and hamburgers. There are no pots or cooking utensils in sight. An industrial four-burner stove sits idle.
Three workers bustle among the refrigerator, oven and food-warmer, preparing racks of reheated frozen foods. As students line up, the staff sets out trays of burgers, bean-and-cheese burritos and chicken stir-fry.
Like many school districts in the state, the San Diego Unified School District doesn’t have the equipment or staff to cook fresh meals from scratch. It does its best with limited federal funding. After accounting for labor and overhead, the district has about $1 left to spend on each lunch, so it relies heavily on processed foods. READ THE WHOLE STORY HERE....

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