Sunday, November 18, 2012


We're a new church in the heart of San Diego's creative and diverse neighborhoods East of Balboa Park.
The 30th street corridor is home to a vibrant, artistic, and community minded part of San Diego's population. So much of what we see in our neighborhoods resonates with the kind of world God is building. Creativity abounds, diversity of every kind is celebrated, sustainability is seen as a virtue not a restriction, hospitality and neighborly ways of living together in the city are on the rise. As followers of Jesus Christ we see these things and cheer. These are all signs of life, signs that God is at work in the heart of San Diego.
We are a community of faith seeking to live out the ancient and beautiful teachings and practices of Jesus of Nazareth right here and now in our own time and place. 
We desire to be a home for spiritual sojourners, full-fledged Jesus freaks, skeptics, and second-chance Christians who need a hospitable community to embrace them anew. We're desperate to share the love of Jesus with our world and our neighborhood primarily through acts of service, love, and hospitality.

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