Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mid City Division Police Report

Ladies and Gentlemen:                                                      
The 810’s Community Update
This past two weeks, we have three significant hot-prowl burglary incidents to report:
On 01-21-13, between 2200-0425 hours, an unknown suspect(s) removed the victim’s living room window screen and entered her apartment (4500 34th St.) while she was asleep.  The suspect(s) took her 42” Sony flatscreen TV.  There are no witnesses to the crime and no one is in custody. 
On 1-22-2013 during the early morning hours, unknown suspect(s) entered 4600 33rd St #4 while the victim was asleep inside. The suspect(s) took a DVD player, a Dell computer, purse, wallet and a set of keys. Entry was made by unknown means.
On 1-22-13 at 0410 hours, two unknown male suspects entered an apartment at 4400 Cherokee while the male victim slept inside.  The victim awoke to the suspects trying to steal the TV.  The suspect threw the TV at the victim, striking him in the face.  Both suspects fled out the door.  One is described as a heavy-set Hispanic adult male.
The following is a list of residential burglary cases that occurred within the last two weeks:
Beat 811- The three hot-prowl burglaries listed above.
4300 Swift #5. The suspect removed the window screen, put his hand through a partially open window and pushed the couch away from the window. Further entry could not be made because the window was locked in place. There is no loss.
4600 35th St. Entry was made through an unsecured kitchen window. The loss is an Apple I-Pad, H/P computer and clothes.
Beat 812- NONE
Beat 813-
3300 Adams Ave.  The suspect forced entry through the roof of the adjacent business, then went through the rafters into the victim business. The loss is $400.00 cash from the register.
2600 Montclair. Entry was made by breaking the glass sliding door of the master bedroom. The suspects shattered 2 T.V. screens and cut holes in some of the victim’s clothes. The loss is an I-Pad, an Apple computer, (3) watches, jewelry and $11,000 dollars in cash.
4500 Hamilton. The loss is an Xbox game system, a WII game system and an H/P computer. Entry was made through an unlocked window.
4500 Idaho. Entry was made by unknown means. The loss is a Gateway computer, a DVD player and art supplies.
3600 Villa Terrace. The loss is (2) H/P laptops, a hard drive and an Apple T.V. Entry was made by unknown means.
4100 Illinois St. The loss is a Compact computer, Canon printer, 300 DVD’s and (2) H/P computer monitors. Entry was made by prying open the rear glass sliding door.
Beat 814-NONE
Hot-prowl burglaries are bold and dangerous, but pretty rare.  The three cases on Beat 811 are certainly cause for concern.  The suspects are usually caught when an alert resident reports window tampering or other suspicious behavior.  If you see or hear anything suspicious in the middle of the night, please call 911 right away.  Have a phone near the bed, and keep all windows and doors locked when sleeping.
Thank you,
Mark Bennett, A/Lieutenant, Mid City Division

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